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TM “Swing” was founded in 2002 in the Carpathian region. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of wooden furniture and toys for children. Thanks to the high standards of production and professionalism of the personnel, products manufactured by TM “Goyadkal” for more than 10 years are very popular and recognized in the Ukrainian market of furniture and toys for children. Our products are made of eco-
logically pure raw materials (beech, oak, coniferous trees) and meets the necessary quality standards. Production is carried out in a “closed cycle”:
• cutting wood
• drying the board
• manufacture of products
• final product
Flexible policy in dealing with clients makes it possible to take into account their wishes when executing the order and payment terms.
Our enterprise repeatedly participated in all-Ukrainian exhibitions
“BABYEXPO” (Kiev), “Colorful Ukraine”
(Kyiv), “Children’s World” (Lviv) producers of products for children and awarded with corresponding diplomas.
The grateful feedback from our customers is the best proof of the quality of our products and a driving force for further development and improvement of the company.
We are always open to cooperation
collective of enterprise TM “Swing”

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