The only tree which dissolves in the body

Wood has always been regarded as environmentally friendly material. One of the most interesting and popular breeds in Eastern Europe are beech. This is not surprising: large forests that covered the land long ago, give the people a strange beauty in its construction material and furniture. Professionals, who work with wood furniture than a year, convinced that in the dining room and bedroom furniture should be beheaded with beech, because it is one of the most energetically favorable for a man of wood, which fed man, endowing it with additional physical forces.

Beech wood is strong and durable, aesthetically attractive and practical, pleasant to the touch. Slavs traditionally sought to fix up their homes according to the notions of “write” and “healthy” energy. In Slavic mythology beech symbolizes the ancient knowledge that is kept for posterity in the ancient spells and manuscripts, and in the broad sense serves to connect the knowledge of past and future. Maybe this ancient knowledge of health and longevity reported beech to people. Furniture made from high quality beech wood, serve your family for years, creating a home in comfort and convenience.

Furniture beech is very sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature fluctuations! It is important to monitor the level of temperature (20oC optimally) and humidity (optimally 60-70%). Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity, they can cause cracks in wood. Winter humidity gets lower, because the use of heating, so use a tank of water heaters on the case. Avoid direct sunlight on furniture, wood darkens them.

If it dirty enough to wipe a surface to clean suede window glass. If contaminated, you can use mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Then pat. Apply a dry cloth for polishing tool and clean furniture. It eliminates slight darkening, enlivens the surface structure and creates a protective film from fingerprints and stains. Small scratches become less visible. Spilled liquid on the furniture should be immediately removed. Do not use for cleaning solutions containing alcohols and solvents.