About us

In December 2002, two entrepreneurs founded the production of wooden furniture and toys for children. The company is located in the picturesque foothills of the Carpathian area. This region is rich in forests, mostly composed of beech trees. Healing properties of wood have long been known to people and are used until today.

 The company's products are manufactured for our dearest little people on Earth. Children are born and grow under constant supervision and care of parents and society. We want to give them all the best we have. We want our children to grow up healthy, and thus to be confident in their future. The company manufactures products that the children need from birth to adulthood.

 The company provides workplaces for the people of Bogorodchany town. It takes care of creating safe and comfortable working conditions.

Through its work the company strengthens the economic potential of Ukraine, promotes the development of modern society and welfare of its citizens.